One other thing that Stevens won't tell you. When asked if you had to accept a load that was over weight, the reps at Stevens said that they may tell you to take the load anyway and that they would pay for any tickets.

What they don't mention is that if a drunk driver (or any type circumstance) hits you and someone is injured or killed, it is your fault because you are over weight; a DOT violation. Remember, you are the professional driver.

You may find yourself in court on charges of manslaughter or homicide. And if you refuse to run a load, welllllllll, remember, you get paid by the mile and if you *** off the dispatcher, you will not get any loads, or they will be crappy ones.

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its a wondeful life huh. :zzz


This is a personal experience,i was out with a trainer and as taught and stressed in the classroom and is stressed by the safety department "NO U-TURNS". Well with this company some people get away with it under the watchful eyes of STEVENS. I was in a truck with a trainer who made a U Turn on a major and this was reported to the head of the safety dept in writing and he looked up at me after reading my report and said,"Do you know that if this trainer came in here and said that u made a U-Turn u would be fired too.Up to this date that trainer is still out there doing the same thing and is endangering the lives of other road users and nothing was ever said or done to him.More than all he was made a finishing trainer.There has been a lot of complaints made by student (trainees) and this guy has never been reprimanded.This company also is not one that cares about the welfare of it'sworkers either especially trainees,they will have u out there driving and putting money in there pocketswhile they give u below minimum wage to live off which cannot even pay a bill and as a matter of fact they dont even havethe resources for employment now but yet still they are hiring people just to be used to move their freights which is noot much anyway.A word of advice to anyone trying to get into trucking-"Keep away from STEVENS TRANSPORT" or u will regret it for a long time,and another thing FYI,if u try to leave before a year they will want u to pay them momey although they r given $5000 for each student they get in ands this is from the government.Beware that they will have u sign a contract that u cant have a copy of because they know it is not a legal document


TLH are you freaking serious? You have know idea what the regs.

are do ya. If you except a overweight load and you have a accident its your fault for excepting the load and knowly driving with it.

Do you think the company will stand behind you? And by the way I used to to my mistake work for Stevens both as a driver and a dispatcher.


Buy are you misinformed. Trucks run more than 80,000 lbs every day.

All it takes is a permit, from the local DOT scale.

I have had to do this once with Stevens, the permit cost $52.00 for the 2000 lbs over weight. Now had I choose to try and run around the scales overweight, then I would not be a professional, and I would be liable.

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