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I had the priveledge to work for these scumbags for a few months all that is being posted saying they're a good company is ***, if you want to get your CDL license this is the place the training at their school in Colorado was awesome but EVERYTHING from day one after...
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what part of Colorado because am going to start school Sunday but with all this bad reviews Am having second that's

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I have been bombarded by collection letters from Genesis Lending Services, the evil twin of Steven's Transport. They are what I'll categories as Bonnie and Clyde.I have sent numerous faxes to them disputing claims and disputing the amount owed on the basis of...
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The worst!!! I mean the worst company with horrible customer service. They make you pay them in full but don\'t even send you a settlement letter for months. I wish I could m...


Great *** company! Without trucks you wouldn\'t have food let alone toilet paper. Then how would you wipe your ***?

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I started reading the article, stopped out of disgust and misinformation he was deserting and dare JL to back up the claims with records. The so called contract drivers can barely make $300 per week after expenses, which averages $14,400 per year and less down time...
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I noticed your post. My experience with Stevens Transport had its better and more detrimental moments. This was my first company also and I was here from 2012-2014. Training w...


The safety guy was in Urban Cowboy and was a Bronco Rider in a scene. His girlfriend was supposedly the blond or so it goes. I went through the school and started to drive...

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