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I have been bombarded by collection letters from Genesis Lending Services, the evil twin of Steven's Transport.

They are what I'll categories as Bonnie and Clyde.I have sent numerous faxes to them disputing claims and disputing the amount owed on the basis of Safety and theft issues from my trainer, to no avail.

Don't deal with Stevens Transport. They are a fraud. They take in 50 new prospective drivers every week, 30 graduate every week and approximately 25 owe them $6,000.00 plus every week. They split $150,000 plus a week harassing people that fell for their lure to financial security through truck driving career.

The so called contract is one sided, and they interpret it as they wish despite the clauses and conditions. Please run like a bat from ***.

Don't deal with Stevens Transport, Dallas.

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The worst!!!I mean the worst company with horrible customer service.

They make you pay them in full but don't even send you a settlement letter for months.I wish I could meet these people in person and slap them right across the face!


Great *** company! Without trucks you wouldn't have food let alone toilet paper. Then how would you wipe your ***?


the only thing you can say is the truck I was in smelled like Puke, the trainer had the worst BO in the world ,I think he crapped his shorts one day on the road , I drove 500 miles with the heater on and the window down.what a slob.


Trainer stunk and cut huge *** in the cab in the winter , a real hick. must be a liberal they have no class.


You asked if I knew what it cost to train drivers? Gave two examples; gas and Insurance.

First of all the most difficult aspect of Tractor trailer driving is backing.

Do you know what the average # of hours needed to train on backing before you are considered ready for your road test?

I had less than 2 hours. I even had to remind the head trainer that I hadn't been shown how to back up 3 days before my road test.

For your information knockleheads, I passed on my 1st go.

I barely had any constructive direction and I made it.

Remember, I was just a different class.

By the way, I don't have to respond to ignorant insultive comments from people with half baked education.


Can you imagine what it cost to train one student to drive.




Wow! i went through that whole training at Stevens with a breeze. Everyone was fair.

So what these quiters want is to learn to drive than quit, and expect to learn to drive for free.without paying the one year of driving.

Go Greyhound, and leave the driving to us


one more thing....

The drivers that are being mistreated by the company, dispatchers, is because you did something wrong and got on their bad side.

you yell at your dispatcher, refuse a load, dont "work" with them, constantly mess up, they will target you. do your job "right"..get the load there on-time:everytime, dont refuse the smallest load... you will be ok...

but if you try to do the job "your" way...your screwed...


you know why they take 50 new students every week right?...

Because some people are plan ***.cant figure out how to drive, cant pass the physical, lied on the application, owe child support so cant get the class A license and they dont "find-out" untill they are there at the DMV.

The company figures atleast 14 out of that 50 will pass truck school. another half will fail or quit the on the road training. so in reality they are getting only about 30 new drivers a month. plus the high turn over rate of drivers that have been there awhile.

trucking naturally has a high turn over. there are just dumb "drivers" out there.

some good yes..but seriously, you will hear good and bad about every trucking company in this country...


I'm the wife of a driver for Stevens and week after week, my husband has been dealing with lies and so many wrong-doings by this company.They will only contact him when they need something.

When he needs to get a hold of them, there's no one there to answer.

I now understand why so many people abandon their trucks and go home.The list of wrong-doings goes on and on.

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