their self funded insurance is a rip-off. they sent me to the doctor and ran up a 2000 dollar bill only to cancel my insurance 2 days before i quit.

the job made me sick and now they are not paying the bill. this company does a lot of employee rip-offs with the payroll already. you have to be an accountant to figure out your pay.

they seem to nickel and dime you to death in a way that should be illegal,but somehow like other texas businesses they get away with theft.now i have to fight to get my w-2 for taxes booo to you stevens!

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Know the feeling,,,,,,,,,,they cancelled mine 4 days before they terminated my employment,,,,,,,,,,now I have contacted the media and am trying to get an investigation started on them. So far it looks pretty good that it is going to happen. Lets see how they like a little public spotlight on what really goes on at Stevens Transport,,,,it should be called "Stevens Trans-screw-u: we want the federal money and yours"


Send me an call and perhaps we can assist you with your grievance against Stevens.

email: info@consultsassist.com

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