I worked for Steven's Transport for 11 months until I became ill and had to have surgery. They told me not to worry and just get better, that my job would be waiting for me when I got better. 30 days after my last day worked which was 8-22-08 they terminated my employment and my health insurance. This happened on the same day I was released from the hospital on 9-22-08. What made it worse was they made the termination effective from 8-22-08 even though I had my insurance paid up for that month. So now not only do I not have a job, I also have no insurance. They will not pay for my surgery, hospital bill, doctor fee's, Cardio-rehab,

medications or anything that was after 8-22-08.

I dont understand how they can gey away with taking away my insurance that I pay premiums on every month at a time when I needed it the most.

I was very angery, upset, worried, distraught at a time when I needed to be calm, resting and recovering from having a triple by-pass. I felt betrayed by this Company who claims to be family orientated. I warn anyone who is thinking about working for Steven's Transport to reconsider and look elsewhere. All they care about is getting their freight picked up and delivered on time, even though they're late dispatching you to the load they still want you to deliver on time. You would think that if your out there busting your *** for this Company that they would take care of you when your down and out, NOT Steven's Transport, they're only out for themselves.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Greenwood, Mississippi, United States #764461

Steven's Transport sucks. I went and with my 3+ yrs of experience, they told me I will have to start with beginner pay and out 10 weeks with trainer.

This was supposed to be handled before I came because I specifically told them everything, and they promised me that it will not happen. Well it did. And I was pissed off. I went out for a week and after they continously called due to saying I made a u-turn(which is one of their own csa-made laws), I got fed up and called it quits.

I could not deal with their ***.

My trainer lives 68 approximate miles from dallas and he hasn't been home in six months with a wife who at the time was ready for divorce becuase he wouldnt find a better company and they knew because during orientation, they talked about him like a dog, meaning the people who got him out so long is talking about him. SAD CASE BUT STEVENS WAS NOT FOR ME

Roggen, Colorado, United States #701436

A while ago I received an offer for paid tuition from Steven Transport, with the employment offer after successful completion of the truck driving school. As the other majority of other carriers who offer paid tuition, Steven transport offered 1 year employment contract for OTO drivers during which a half of 5.500 dollars worth tuition would be paid.

The rest was supposed to be paid over the course of 48 months. The recruiter asked for supporting documents that were timely sent to her. She approved the application and made a travel arrangement for a truck driving school located a thousands mile away from my residency. The recruiter run a driving record report and found a recent charge for careless driving, that was dropped in the court trial.

She requested a court order decision to be faxed, which it was. Four weeks after my successful completion of the CDL driving school, the same recruiter rejected my employment, with the words "it was preventable accident".

Even though the court system dropped the charges, Steven Transportation took a freedom to make their own investigation, ignoring the court decision and finding me "guilty" based on the police report solely,

Why did recruiter ask for the copy of the judge decision, if she does not recognize the authority of the court system anyway? The only reasonable motive that I can think of is her intention to extort a tuition fee from my empty pocket, leaving me jobless and with the thousands dollars of debt.



well I am considering roehl and stevens nut have heard stevens is rough on first year drivers and now I hear twelve weeks of training

have to rethink going to stevens and I was going to lease also


this guy is not lying folks,,,I currently drive for Stevens and they are the biggest scam out there as far as I am concerned. Here is how they make their money,,,,throught the school and through their lease program.

They have alot of trucks, but not enough to cover the number of student going through the school that they promise a job after completion. once you are finished with the 8 weeks of otr training (which takes 11-12 weeks) you are issued a truck and now in the "grad fleet". Starved out due to low miles, so then you quit to find another job that pays you enough to be able to afford to eat again.

This opens up that truck for the next group of fools that believed their lies and promised a job. (They did give you a job but the did not promise you any certain amount of pay) Folks, it's not fun being out there when you figure out you don't have enough money to eat on and you are 1800 miles from home.


well i'm thinking of going to stevens transport for my cdl. And i can't see what is going on.

Everyone has a complainte against someone so why dose it matter... I hear complaintes from every trucking company out there...


The job is good the pay is terrible 800 dollars a month for owner operators they take 590 a week for truck payment and about 900 dollars for other bs I worked 30 days straight no time off it's seems they hold your good pay check just for there truck payment and screw u with a 12 dollar check u don't get enough miles to even make the dam truck payment.. When u do your check is f.... Up 120 dollars ooh by the way u get a negative paycheck so next they take your whole paycheck they call this being in the whole this is worst then selling cars ,....think before u work for this company if u like the shiny new trucks with no pay check then this bud is for u....


I think steven transpot its a big scam!!!


I don't recommend to work there..its very selfish company to work for!! I cant even begin to write about how they treated me when I had an emergency and and I needed time off to go home while I was in trainning, they didnt want to provide me with transportation and one of there employee had a guts to tell me that I can walk home!!

I had to go to the TA TRUCKS STOP and hold up a sign that I needed a ride to go to my home state. luckly I was able to get someone laite in the day! Dont even let me get started with everthing I experince with so called stevens trainner when I was On the road trainning!!

so Yes if you about to go work there or go to school there please put allthis in mind and please know this they will use you when they need you and when the time comes they will dump you just like that!! even my trainner use to coplain about how they are with driver he was not happy there and he was waitting for his contract to be over so he can find something else.


I have had the same thing happen to me by Stevens Transport. I was feeling sick, needed to see a doctor and they told me i only had a few days for my time off.

I was placed on medical hold. That was fine i would go see my doctor then get back on the truck. What the doctor found was going to take more time to treat then i had so i had to get everything off the truck, no big deal i understand they needed the truck i could get another truck when i get back to dallas. After 2 weeks my doctors said i was clear to return to work, so i called stevens and the told me that i still wasnt cleared by their doctor.

I spoke with him and he said i needed more tests run, I told him i just had those tests run and everything was clear, that he has copies of the results at his office. I have now been on medical holdfor 5 weeks when i get a call from a lawyer telling me im being sued by Stevens Transport to the tune of $10,500 for training, lawyers fees and court costs. I said that cant be right im on medical hold im still in contact with stevens trying to get back to work. I called stevens to see what the *** is going on, then im told i have been terminated because i have been off the truck for 30 days.

The doctor still has me listed as being on medical hold, im terminated, im being sued, 2 months after getting off the truck im informed that my insurance was cancelled and that i was also terminated the same day i got off the truck. You have got to be kidding me, 6 weeks ago i was cleared to return to work by 2 doctors, but stevens doctor still hasnt cleared me so as a result every thing else has taken place. Oh and i was also told the lawsuit would be dropped if i return to work, but you guessed it im still on medical hold by stevens doctor. I will also have to repeat all of my training agin so that i can start diving solo agin for stevens transport..

Are you kidding me?

How about I file a Lawsuit.. Just another waste of time.


This guy is lieing stevens is best place to work they treat you good an help you when you need it. I was put in the hospitl for a heart atack they paided my bills

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #591503

You the only one with a positive comment about Steven Transport...LOL


to Anonymous #795792

*** Lier :(

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