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Everytime I have been told anything from any of the employees from this company the story and the reality have been completely different. I caught them several times in the Bait and switch methods used by slime bags. Called them out everytime and was told to get my...
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mechanic mike

I can say as far as the mechanics go, if there is a engine problem your truck will go to a dealer or a certified engine shop. Not to mention Cat people are on the yard almost ...


your so right....

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The biggest reason I choice Stevens was them boasting about changing the image of trucking and they didn't have hardcore, dirty, "super" truckers working for them. When I talked to the recruiter they said it was up to 4 weeks of training and after I go solo I...
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Student loan? More like sucker loan. Dont worry i got suckered as well. The disappointing thing about all this is that Stevens was a great company back in 2000. I don't know w...


I know someone who just begin training there, first he lied to get the job by NOT telling them that he takes meds for hbp or sleep apnea. He didnt tell them he had just had su...

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