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One other thing that Stevens won't tell you. When asked if you had to accept a load that was over weight, the reps at Stevens said that they may tell you to take the load anyway and that they would pay for any tickets. What they don't mention is that if a drunk...
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its a wondeful life huh. :zzz

safety issues

This is a personal experience,i was out with a trainer and as taught and stressed in the classroom and is stressed by the safety department \"NO U-TURNS\". Well with this comp...

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When something sounds too good to be true, it is. Stevens sends out tasty bait to hook you and then they fry you up!! After reading their ad about how wonderful being a trucker for them would be, I decided to give it a shot. They say that you will be out for five...
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D. Mathews This story is complete bull. Those guys on keenesburg are the best. I know cause I went and graduated thanksgiving 2015. These guys will do whatever it takes to get...

Carl S.Nichols Sr.

I too went on line to find out about Stevens Transport in Keensburg and talked to their recruiter and was told that they would pay for the entire class as well as any fees and...

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