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This morning at 6 a.m. in rush hour traffic your employee was Dean messing with his phone.

Shortly after we all came to a curve at 29th and I 44 and the driver was obviously still messing with his phone. When we curved he didn't. He over corrected and the entire semi left the ground. He was in the farestlane to right and I was in fast lane next to him.

Two pickup swerved to miss the tires and Sparks and burning rubber. He was very careless and if I was a foot or more farther up he would of killed me. I suffer from anxiety due to a motorcycle accident and I am a wreck and have been all day. I cried and was shaking when I finally made it to work .

Your employee almost costed you a very large lawsuit not only that whatever product he hasn't that trailer could have or probably was damaged.

What's even more disturbing for me and has my nerves on the edge is today is a year anniversary from another accident I have and to see your driver axle careless it has made me feel very uncomfortable driving next to any semi for the size difference and he doesn't realize what he could do to the smaller cars around him. My panic attacks and anxiety has been unbareable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stevens Transport Vehicle Driver.

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So did you contact the actual company or are you limiting your observations to a public message board that these companies probably don't look at?

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