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This company is HORRIFIC my husband has been gone since september on stevens campus trying to find a trainer for 2 weeks. No food no money no transportation once he found a trainer. They promised a $500 pay every week. He only made $300 a week a whole 8 weeks of training. His driver kept stalling him to finish his trainig and stealing hours on his time sheet. My husband had to keep taking out an advance just to pay our bills which led him to... Read more

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This company hires little kids out of high school with no experience with big monster trucks .. experience doesn't mean s..t .. don't waste your time .. they suck !!

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Went through Steven's Transport School. Training was okay. Once out on my own with the company (Dallas, Tx), I got very sick so I called my counselor. My counselor lost my truck and claimed she couldn't find me. I was stuck in Kansas City with an upper respiratory infection and according to their "physician" once I got back to the home port, high blood pressure. I was given a new counselor and this one turned out to be worse. I was still sick... Read more

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This place is a joke i had my cdl for 15 yr before i went to this place ok first of all they want a 100 dollar for a fee that dont make since then if you leave they have the most rude people to collect money willam and assoc they call you treat to suspend your cdl which was not obtain thru steven tranport they are a rip off a million dollar company harassing for 264 dollar which they get money from the gov for you going there Read more

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Stevens Transport is a very bad place to go to driving school or work for, they under pay and over charge for school don't go there try JB hunt they pay better.

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I have worked for Stevens for 5 years, the pay is good, but being a team and leasing your truck is the way to go. Some hot shot says he is a DM, but gives a team miles that should go to a trainer, trainee and he needs to be hung by his ears. Mostly we do pretty well if we get those 3000 mile loads. We call DM's we know and try to set up our own loads. You just need to be a on the time driver to receiver and you will do alright. Most of these... Read more

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Went to stevens several years ago. These people *** and moaning obviously aren't cut out to be real truckdrivers. I've been at Stevens several years, make good money and drive new equipment. Now the home time isn't as good as it could be but this is a solid company. CP 30817 Read more

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If you already have a CDL don't go work for Stevens Transport. They'll send you through their BS academy and out with a trainer for 6 to 8 weeks running you as a team. They say they'll pay you up to $500 per week. After yhey take all their hidden fees out of your check you'll be lucky to have $300. The trainer will Pimp you for the entire 6 to 8 weeks max because he's getting paid for all the miles the truck run.the actual time out with the... Read more

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Stay away they are a scam went thru their school got with trainer no showers stop at casinos all the time or get near trainers home so he can see girlfreind they have high accident rates despite the quote expert red shirt trainers in Dallas tx this is a real scam Stevens trains people and they go to other company's stay away new driver people they prey upon new folks and make a fortune doing it the class room trainers most which have been on... Read more

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Travis Mckinsey should not be driving on the road.

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