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Let me start by saying I had a great personal experience, pushing to complete my goals. Stevens Transport will destroy your driving career before it really gets started. The will tell you as a company driver you will be paid 28cpm with experience, how cheap is that. You are set up to sign a contract with them for a year of employment. Well being that I lived in another state abd had to get my way... Read more

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Safety people and "Red Shirts" are a joke! Im sitting in the yard as I type this and just watched a Red Shirt speeding through the yard and not wearing a seat belt. Practice what is preached people! Pay does suck. Miles suck too. It is hard to make ends meet out there. I have found out that there are better training companies out there that take better care of their recruits and drivers both... Read more

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I work for Stevens transport in the recruiting department for a year and a half. Allow me to give you the real deal. Don Voight is a straight up ***. Don is not manager material he has no compassion for people or their feelings he has no clue what he's doing in the recruiting department he approves things, makes mistakes, won't own up to it and points the finger at the next person to save... Read more

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Stevens transport is a very misleading company.. Please do not attend Stevens Transport training school.. The company doesn't care about the drivers. . The office staff is very uneducated when it comes to the trucking Industry. .I have had the worst experience here @ Stevens. .Stevens Transport does have great equipment but he need to retrain his office staff or hire new staff, Very few in the... Read more

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All that attitude. Stevens isn't the one doing it to anyone its the screw UPS they hired to do it for it.i had racists trainers liars that wanted me to stay driving at Stevens catch to that was well you failed until its satisfactory with me and he goes back to sleep .. Trainers with sleep apnea . Wanna be gangsters. People who went to the company and have been there coming from sears store who... Read more

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*** Stevens tranports an the owner of the company especially for covering up paying off an protecting their murdering truck driver Add comment

Where to begin with this outfit? Well I'll start by saying that the school and training is what one could ask for if you are willing to learn. But beware all of the rats in the cellar in this place. However if you have a good paying job, make sure you take a leave of absence and wait for what may come before you let it go. You'll probably wonder what it's like when you get yourself a Driver... Read more

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Your owner operator , is offensive driver he tried to fight wy me Add comment

Tractor #12101/Trailer #14006 Stevens Transport pulled-out from a dead stop from the left side of the road across to my lane on the right. I had to slam on the breaks. This was on highway 12 between Walla Walla and Pasco, Washington (about 6 miles east of the Boise Cascade plant). The speed limit on US 12 is 60 miles per hour. We were traveling at 60 miles per hour with 8 cars behind me. We... Read more

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Don't let them *** you into getting your cdl through them. They will not work with you at all on repayment, even if you ask, and it will go straight to an attorney. There are a few good people working inside but don't trust anything the recruiters or orientation liars throw at you. I would have rather sold a kidney to get my cdl than have to deal with these cheats. Read more

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