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Stevens Transport
Main address: 9757 Military Parkway 75227-4805 Dallas TX
214-647-3765 Office
800-233-9369 Toll-Free
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  • 37 complaints
  • $22K claimed losses
  • $596 average
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  • Oct 01
  • Shipping
  • Denied Schooling
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They denied me schooling just because Ive been to jail in my lifetime. The incident is well over three years old. Read more

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  • Sep 26
  • Shipping
  • Florence, South Carolina
  • Other Product
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Stevens transport is a great company. All I see on here is people writing negative reviews crying because they spent more money then they made. Now they want more miles because they put their own self in debt and can't get it because they hang out in a truck stop all day trying to be cool. That's not how it works. You can make money at any company if you keep your living simple and save up to get... Read more

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  • Sep 05
  • Building Services - Moving, Storage
  • Southfield, Michigan
  • Overcharge
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I was moving from an apartment to a new home about 40 min away. Stevens rep visited me and gave me a quote for $825, an "estimate". I questioned the sales person about it and he said if it's more it shouldn't be much more. They had my credit card and charged me $1,250 which is quite a bit higher than the original quote. I talked with the president who offered me a $60 credit which I didn't... Read more

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  • Aug 08
  • Shipping
  • Careless Driver
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Black Peterbilt Truck #12256 pulling Trailer #11025 with Texas License Plates 17E-006 ran my vehicle off the road on Interstate 40 eastbound near mile marker 272 on July 28, 2014 at approximately 5:32 pm. My husband was traveling with me, we got back on the road and caught up with the truck and took identifying pictures of the truck and called 911 from my cell phone. We were horrified not only by... Read more

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  • Jun 05
  • Shipping
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Misrepresentation
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They flat out lie to you No one there is telling you nothing truthful. This is the only company I have paid to work for. They charge you for everything they should supply. This is a very dirty company. Does any body know where I can go to sue Stevens for blatant misrepresentation. This is truly a rip off Read more

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  • Dec 11, 2012
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Atlanta, Georgia
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  • 856

This is a confidential murder that happened/ pictures were taken the child was last seen in Texas small town near Laredo, Texas maybe, I am the mother the child was placed thier by a Rosie from Phoneix, Arizona,also claimed that the child was hers, switched at birth. This is to be kept confidential, you need to just find out who want s to tell me the exact truth story of what he did, and where he... Read more

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  • Sep 12, 2012
  • Shipping
  • San Antonio, Texas
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  • 11
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I am sick and tired of all the whiners on here. Stevens Transport is giving you a job where in time You can get this job which only Cdl holders can get. You have to be flexible and take it one Day at a time .they now have a tanker division which i am a proud part of and i am home on a daily basis After being unemployed i now make good money and home at night man what a deal Bottom line is the... Read more

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  • Jul 11, 2012
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Transport Trucking
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Everytime I have been told anything from any of the employees from this company the story and the reality have been completely different. I caught them several times in the Bait and switch methods used by slime bags. Called them out everytime and was told to get my facts straight. Proved it to them with my notes or literature i had been given, and each time i get the dumber and dumbest look like... Read more

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  • May 24, 2012
  • Shipping
  • Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Employer
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  • 1123

I was a new truck driver with less than 12 months trucking experience. The Stevens Transport Company allows its new drivers to be enticed by a In-House Contract Division called Alliance Lease Program. The sponsors are actively geared recruiters; making promises about increasing drivers wealth; if the driver accepts the responsibility of driving a contract/lease vehicle from the Alliance Lease... Read more

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  • Apr 04, 2012
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Ocala, Florida
  • Training And Job
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  • 643

Wow,very few good comments.I was considering going there but since you have to pay for the school anyway I think I will go to a local school and get a good job upon completion rather than being locked into a contract with a bad employer.All their advertising leads you to believe they pay for your training if you sign on with them for one year but the complaints I have read show this is a... Read more

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